Worry-Free Warranty

Worry Free Rosin Press WarrantyOur Rosin Presses Are Covered by a Lifetime Warranty

Why pay to ship your press back to the factory for parts—and then pay again to have it returned?

This is what "lifetime warranty" means at other rosin press suppliers. Between packaging the press and all the shipping fees, their warranty still results in an expensive repair—but not at Rosin Press NY. Our Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty means we'll ship needed parts directly to you.

And while other companies' warranties only cover certain machine parts, the Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty at Rosin Press NY covers all press parts. Read the fine print and you'll see what we mean: Other suppliers' warranties cover only the frame and don't cover the controls or heaters for the life of the press. Ours does.

Here's our promise to you: We promise to make your experience with us worry-free. We promise to provide you free parts for the life of your press—all parts, no exceptions or exclusions. You simply pay the shipping & handling for the part.

Your out-of-pocket costs will be minimal, and your cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of your press will be the lowest when compared to any other lifetime warranty provided by any other company.

RosinPressNY will continue to provide parts as long as the parts used are still available from the component manufacturer. We cannot be responsible for providing free parts if the component manufacturer discontinues or changes the design of the components used.

Misuse or abuse of the press is not covered.