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RosinPressNY is a nationwide distributor of quality rosin presses for various industries and applications. We are located in New York and distribute to markets nationwide. We understand the importance a reliable rosin machine carries, which is why we only provide our customers with the highest-quality machines on the market.

Making Rosin Steps

Some Simple Instructions to Follow for Using Rosin Presses

Making rosin can be done easily and efficiently with our exceptional rosin machines. Here is an outline of the process:

  1. To start off, make sure your flower material is broken down into tiny increments. Once this is done, cut your parchment paper into appropriate sizes and start preheating your rosin machine. Lower temperatures lead to more flavor and stability of your rosin, whereas the higher the temperature, the less flavor and stability. It is worth noting, though, that higher temperatures tend to produce more rosin per use. So if it is bulk you are looking for, warmer temperatures may be the way to go.

  2. The next step would be to wrap your flowers in the cut parchment paper. Once they are wrapped, place them in the center of the flat platform on your rosin machine. Press and hold together for four to six seconds of pressure. The solvent-less oil you are extracting should begin to form momentarily.

  3. Let the machine cool down so it is able to be touched. Remove your parchment paper from the press and carefully unfold it to reveal your rosin. Gently remove or scratch the rosin from the paper and you are all set. You have completed making your own rosin!

If you are interested in making rosin, consult us first for reliable rosin presses.

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