Oil Extraction Machine

A Nationwide Distributor of Rosin Machines

RosinPressNY is a nationwide distributor of rosin machines, which also go by the name of an oil extraction machine. These durable machines are great for both industrial and home use. Our pressing machines get these names due to the fact that they use a solventless oil extraction process. A process that produces the highest quality rosin. We are a trusted manufacturer and proudly utilize the best rosin technology out there to create our rosin press machines. Our work comes with an understanding of the oil extraction process and how to get the most pure rosin possible. We know how the process works and create machines that create an end product that will surely impress.

Rosin Pressing Tips

Here are some frequently asked questions for those who may be using an oil extraction machine in the near future.

What Materials Do I Use?

Yields range significantly and depend largely on the quality of the materials used.

  • Trim/Shake 10% - 15%
  • Flower: 15% - 30%
  • Kief / Dry Sift: 30% - 60%+
  • Bubble Hash / Hash: 30% - 70%+

Note: Adequate application of pressure is important to achieve optimal yields, and these figures are based on averages tests. Results may vary and depend heavily on your material as well as the operator.

Which Micron Bag To Use?

Depending on your material, the proper micron bags are suggested but results will always vary.

For kief, dry sift, hash, and bubble hash, use a 36 micron bag. 

36 micron bags will provide the highest quality product.

For trim, and shake, use a 90 micron bag.

The 90 micron bags will give you more filtration and slightly higher quality product.

For Flower, use a 160 micron bag. 

The 160 micron bags provide proper level of filtration and high yielding microns for use with flower, trim, and shake rosin pressing.

What Temperature Is Ideal?

Lower temperatures (180°F-200°F) = more flavor/terpenes, less yield, end material is more stable (shatter-like consistency)
Higher temperatures (200°F- 235°F) = less flavor/terpenes, more yield, end material is less stable (sap-like consistency)

Oil Extraction Machine Quotes

RosinPressNY has been manufacturing high quality oil extraction machines since 2015. If you are interested in purchasing one of these machines, then please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about an oil extraction machine. The number to call to speak to someone in our office is 516-531-3344. With your phone call we can discuss with you the oil extraction process if you are unfamiliar with it. We can also go over all of the pricing aspects for these machines, as well as provide you with a free quote. And there is no payment interest if the machine is paid in full within 6 months!