Pneumatic Rosin Press 12000PSI


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The Most Popular Pneumatic Press On The Market...Just Got BIGGER!!

Powerful 12000 PSI Cylinder With A Raised Platform Heating Plate.  

Raised Platform Plate Size: 4" x 6""

$1,495.00 /Each.
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What is Rosin?

Cannabis rosin is the resin in the cannabis plant. Resin is the liquid that is found inside the cannabis plant, which contains terpenes; when you extract the resin from the cannabis, you bring out the terpenes (in other words, the oils and waxes — the potent essence of the plant) in a liquid form. By applying heat and pressure you allow that rosin to be extracted from the cannabis plant. In simple terms, rosin are solvent-less highly concentrated cannabis in a solid / waxy form.

What is Rosin Tech?

‘Rosin tech’ is a cannabis resin extraction technique that utilizes heat and pressure to create a solvent free hash oil product. Rosin Tech solventless oil extraction is the easiest, cleanest and safest way to produce solventless concentrates.

Pneumatic Rosin Press 12000 Features

The RosinPressNY Pneumatic Rosin Heat Press is the most popular selling press on the market and it just got BIGGER! We are proud to offer this newest innovative member to our RosinPressNY family.  This machine features a robust design & simple to use two button OSHA standard operation. 

Some other features include: 

  • New Industrial Size Air Cylinder/ Rated at 12000PSI
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Dual Raised Platform Heating Plates (Manufactured from Stainless Steel)
  • Dual Touch Screen Temperature Controls. Adjust Each Plate Independently,  0-500 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 0-999 Second Programmable Press Time
  • Dimensions: 10.25"Wide x 21"Deep x 26"Tall
  • 110V Operation - 220v Operation also available 
  • **Optional precise pressure regulator is required if you are pressing kief
  • Based on our conversations with many of our customers we’ve collected a few important tips for getting the most out of pressing your buds!

Quality and Freshness Are Key

Common sense right?  We’ve spoken to many customers who were getting below average returns. Almost always it’s because they are squishing below average flowers.  If your looking for above average quality returns then you must start with above average buds.

Quality is also closely related to freshness, and you will often see your very best results when pressing flowers as soon after they are dried and cured. 

It is also very important to note that some strains and types of cannabis flowers do tend to yield better than others.  Basically, the biggest determination for yield, flavor, and quality is all based on how well the material was grown and how strong its genetics were in the first place.

Relative Humidity Is Critical For Yields

Another major factor that our customers have determined to be key is  the humidity and moisture content of your buds.  Varying the humidity of your flower  will make a massive difference for your rosin yields.

If your cannabis is very dry, it will act like a sponge and soak up much of the rosin before it has a chance to escape. When you press your flowers, always make sure the relative humidity content of your material is at least 55% to 62% for optimal results.

To increase the humidity levels of your buds, you can pick up pre-set humidity packs and store your flower along with the humidity packs overnight in sealed containers, bringing them up to the optimal humidity before squishing. 

RosinPressNY Offers An Industry Leading Warranty!  Each Rosin Press Comes With A 1 Year Warranty!

At RosinPressNY, we are committed to offering the most affordable rosin presses in the market. Contact us today for more information. We will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have with this product or any other product we carry.