12-Ton Rosin Press STARTER PACK



The 12Ton Starter Pack Includes:

1 - 12 Ton-Hydraulic Manual Press With Dual Digital Temperature Controls

1 - Aluminum Pre-Press Mold 

50 - 160u Micron Folded Stitch Filter Bags

1 - Rosin Collection Tool Set

No Compressor Required 

No Assembly Required Start Squishing Out Of the Box

$1,099.00 /Each.
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RosinPressNY Offers An Industry Leading,

Worry Free LifeTime Warranty! Free Parts For Life Of Your Press.

As the rosin technique continues to gain popularity among the solventless concentrate industry, RosinPressNY continues to introduce new simple and affordable rosin tech press units to produce solvent less rosin oil extraction for personal or commercial use.    

The RosinPressNY hydraulic rosin press provides the two essential elements necessary for successful solventless rosin extraction.  Our hydraulic press gives you       24,000 PSI of squeezing pressure allowing you to extract your rosin at lower temperatures.

The hydraulic rosin press comes fully assembled and ready to be used. 

See Warranty Page For Additional Info.

Hydraulic Rosin Press - 12Ton 

  • 110V 
  • Industry Leading Life Time Warranty.  
  • Adjustable Heat Temperature 0-400 Deg. Fahrenheit
  • 3" x 5" Dual Heating Platens - Gold Anodized
  • Digital Temperature Controller For Top & Bottom Plates
  • Digital Count Down Timer W/ Alarm


The RosinPressNY 3" x 5" Frame is Nick named "The Tank" and is designed with the future in mind.  The press offers a modular design so that any servicing of the press can be done in the users location.  You never have to pay to ship the press back to the factory for service.  If anything should ever happen we will ship you the part!

The Frame is built to handle up to 20 tons of pressure.  You can update the hydraulics and swap out the bottle jack for our 20Ton cylinder with pump and pressure gauge!

Pressing Tips

Which Material Should I Use?

Yields range significantly and depends largely on the quality of the materials used.

  • Trim/Shake 10% - 15%
  • Flower: 15% - 30%
  • Kief / Dry Sift: 30% - 60%+
  • Bubble Hash / Hash: 30% - 70%+

Note: Adequate application of pressure is important to achieve optimal yields and these figures are based on averages tests. Results may vary and depend heavily on your material as well as the operator.

Which Micron Bag To Use?

Depending on your material, the proper micron bags are suggested but results will always vary.

For kief, dry sift, hash, and bubble hash, use a 36 micron bag. 

36 micron bags will provide the highest quality product.

For trim, and shake, use a 90 micron bag.

The 90 micron bags will give you more filtration and slightly higher quality product.

For Flower, use a 160 micron bag. 

The 160 micron bags provide proper level of filtration and high yielding microns for use with flower, trim, and shake rosin pressing.

What Temperature Is Ideal?

Lower temperatures (180°F-200°F) = more flavor/terpenes, less yield, end material is more stable (shatter-like consistency)
Higher temperatures (200°F- 235°F) = less flavor/terpenes, more yield, end material is less stable (sap-like consistency)