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RosinPressNY is a nationwide distributor for rosin press machines. We used the latest in rosin technology to manufacture machines that are durable and long-lasting. We aim to provide those in the rosin industry with machines that perform at the highest level. And to better able handle your jobs, customization is also possible when it comes to manufacturing rosin machines.

What Is Rosin?

Rosin is the solventless terpene & cannabinoid filled oil left after “pressing” by applying pressure and heat to cured flowers or hash. This solventless oil may be used in a special rig used for oil consumption or “dabbing.” This process is known as solventless oil extraction.

The term "rosin" originated as a means of to lubricate violin bows and refers to the extraction process that uses a combination of pressure and heat in order to squeeze the resinous sap from your starting material. One major reason why it is such a popular method is due to the fact that the process does not require any foreign substances, instead leaning on the use of machines. As rosin press technology developed, the method to extract the resin by means of heat and pressure has greatly evolved to where we are today.

The Rosin Process

Rosin technology involves a relatively quick and instant process that does require any professional botanical extraction experience. The mechanical process of "rosin technology" melts the glandular domes of the material’s trichomes with intense heat. The sticky sap-like resin left from the process cools off on parchment paper. The cooled resin is scratched off the parchment paper and is prepared for use.      

Rosin Technology Medical Benefits

Rosin consumption has been linked to various health benefits including anxiety/stress reduction, better quality of sleep, and even the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and cancer. Rosin has also been linked to the treatment of premenstrual syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

Although different rosin strains have specific potency levels, many strains contain cannabidiol (CBD). This substance found in the oil is legal for children to consume in some states, but only for specific conditions and ailments. Rosin technology and the rosin machine has made and continues to make great strides in the medical field. 

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