Frequently Asked Questions on Rosin Presses

How much can I extract with the press?

The 10 Ton model can squish up to 14 grams of flower at a time.
The 2 Ton model can squish up to 3.5 grams of flower at a time.


What's the best Micron bag to use with flower?

RosinPressNY recommends using our 160u micron bags for flower extraction.

My Rosin Is Hard To Collect

Some strains as very difficult to collect For these situations we offer our aluminum cold collection plate as a solution.

Do I Need To Cure My Product To Squish?

Yes, best results will come from flower that is cured. Cured flower with a humidity content between 65-70% RH is the ideal RH to squish rosin.

How Much Material Can I Squish With My RosinPressNY 2Ton?

The RosinPressNY 2Ton is the perfect personal rosin press to squish up to 3.5grams of flower..

Do All RosinPressNY Presses Yield the same?

All of our rosin press units are capable of the same yield percentage. The differences between  our rosin presses are the quantity of material they can process at one time.

What Is Ideal Temp To Squish Flower?

Each strain of flower is different and will require a little different squish temp.  Each temperature will yield different consistency of rosin.  On average squishing temperature for flower is 190 -215 Deg. F.

What Is Solventless Vs Solvent Based Concentrates?

The difference between solvent-based and solventless concentrates is pretty simple – one process  requires the use of a solvents during extraction, while the other does not.

The solvent-free method requires no solvent or purging process. To extract rosin it only requires nothing more than heat and pressure producing the cleanest concentrate available.